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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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    1.Attend all scheduled appointments.
Therapy works best when you attend all of your scheduled appointments. The effectiveness of therapy depends on your active participation. It requires time, effort, and regularity.
If you don’t like your therapist’s approach or if you don’t think the therapist is helping you, talk to her about it. It’s best that you don’t discontinue therapy abruptly.
2.Establish goals with Margo.
As you begin therapy, establish some goals and objectives with your therapist, including small steps that are accessible.
3.Review your progress regularly with Margo.
4.Identify sources of stress.
Note stressful as well as positive events. Journaling can be helpful. Focus on positive outcomes and methods for reducing and managing stress.
Write in a journal to express how you feel.
6.Have fun and pleasure in your life.
Make time for recreational and pleasurable activities.
7.Communicate your needs.
Explain and assert your needs to someone you trust.
8.Remember: Therapy involves:
·       Evaluating your thoughts and behaviors
·       Identifying stresses that contribute to your condition.